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Google my business – Local seo marketing

Google my business – Local SEO marketing is one of the free tools for starting with your online ranking strategy. Many people go straight to SEO and SEA. A small but essential step and easy to forget: local ranking. And that’s a shame because this (free!) Tool can give you a lot. Use it to advertise you’re local business.

Local Seo marketing with GMB.

On your My Company page, you show important company details such as your address, telephone number, opening times and a description of the activities. Is something changing? Then you can quickly and immediately adjust this yourself.

Such a page is a must for entrepreneurs, local restaurants and holiday home rental. Especially here in the service area Algarve Portugal many people forget to use that great free Seo marketing strategy.

Oh yeah? Why?

  • It is free
  • Extra visible in Google maps & search.
  • Make it extra easy for the user – especially mobile to enter your business.
  • You decide which company data is shown.
  • Google reviews is an excellent way for a marketing strategy.
  • You score points for the SEO ranking.

Local search

More and more people are looking locally. For example, they add a place name to their search query. But Google’s algorithms are also getting smarter. Thanks to GPS in smartphones, for example, the search engine knows better and better where you are if you search. Search results are also adjusted accordingly. Your company page ensures that you are a lot easier to find locally.

Help the mobile user

Its is especially useful for mobile users. And there are more and more. Google My Business offers mobile users the opportunity to call the business owner directly without entering the phone number. It is also easy to set up directions via Maps. So new customers come in contact with you even more comfortable.

Reviews in Google

Your Google online business card also shows your Google reviews. Do you get positive reviews? That immediately gives a regular appearance. And have you collected more than five reviews? Then the average rating in stars is displayed on your company page. Stands just a little extra. As an administrator of your business profile, you can also respond to reviews. The best way to show commitment.

Post in Google

Do you have important news, are you organizing an event or do you want to share different opening hours? Which can in 100 to 300 words. And you can even add an image or CTA ( Call To Action ) button. The post is showing in your business GMB listing, to ensures that it stands out even more.

Google My Business and local marketing

The search engine gives it priority in google search and maps. So you will be found better – especially if you have correctly arranged your page. Then the reviews: that too is a ranking factor, so they also ensure a better place in the search listings.

In short: you are more prominent and more visible. Free of charge, in multiple locations, and with information that you have in hand. While you also score points. What’s not to like? Especially if you run a restaurant or Bed & Breakfast, its indispensable!

How does it work?

You only need one thing to use this opportunity to make free advertising: a Google account. When setting up your page, you must bear in mind that you are, as it were, “linking” you’re local maps to your business website, using a reference and a tag in your HTML code. Finally, verify your business, to know if it is a real company.

That is usually with a verification code on a postcard through the old-fashioned mail with zip code. So NOT by your email address, but to your businesses address and location!

Does that sound even more complicated than you thought?
Then engage an SEO professional. Tips4Seo is ready to set up your Google My Business page for you in the right way. Because you want it to happen well, don’t hesitate and contact us.