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AMPforWP – Accelerated mobile pages WordPress

AMPforWP – Accelerated mobile pages WordPress is a way to build web pages for static content that are displaying super-fast with an amp WordPress theme. Therefore, inside an theme, design elements are stripped to improve speed. The plugin has its own a page builder with excellent looking examples. The WordPress plugin AMP for WP makes it easy for you to make a mobile friendly website. And a must to get higher in Google search listings.

AMPforWP – Accelerated mobile pages WordPress

Mobile pages look like a stripped-down version of your regular dektop web pages, but of course, the content always remains visible. Therefore, consists of add AMP HTML, AMP JS and possibly also Google AMP Cache. With this plugin you have a reliable performance. The JS library takes care of the super-fast loading time of the mobile friendly website. The Google Cache delivers the pages very fast on your mobile screen.

Mobile visitors are clicking on a link to your website, they will end up on the standard version of your website. To have mobile redirection it’s possible to see the the AMP page. Google also crawls the mobile version different. Therefore the rankings list is not the same as for desktop pages.

It is a choice that Google makes to. For example, place your AMP content higher in the search results or display it differently. Please read our article about why your website needs to be mobile optimised.

How to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

There are different amp WordPress theme on the market. The official  amp plugin for WordPress that jumps out is AMPforWP. This plugin contains all the options you can expect. It is as if you have a WordPress version for AMP sites.

A significant difference with other plugins is that it has its own framework. A framework as a basis gives you the possibility to quickly create a WordPress mobile site that is comparable to the desktop version of your website.

Out there are several WordPress site plugins, but only this amp version one gives the great possibilities to go all the way.

Example to help you. It´s very easy to generate an amp page. Write content with all the links and optimised images. Got to the bottom of the page in WordPress to the AMP section. Find a button that is called ” Copy content “. Press it, and all you created content is copied to the enable amp webpage.

And there you are! You have just created an AMP page. The looks are according to the WordPress mobile theme you have selected in the plugin settings. The content will be an exact copy of your desktop web page.

Most important features

  1. SEO plugin compatible for example Yoast SEO or All in One SEO pack.
  2. Google AdSense and Analytics aware.
  3. Wil it sees you’re WordPress Blog post comments?
  4. Has different themes.
  5. Have a page builder by default.
  6. Full nl pitiable with Woocommerce
  7. Contact form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and WP form aware.
  8. Structured data for AMP.

How to integrate amp in website

As an SEO agency, we choose for WP for AMP for the user experience. They develop all the aspects for AMP as if you have a special edition from WordPress for accelerated mobile pages. In time and experience, it´s proven to be a excellent choice.

If there were some problems with different theme’s or other plugins, their developers react quick and accurate. All of the issues solved in a couple of days! Mostly as they solved a problem, the plugin was updated. That gives the confidence that the amp project from Ahmed Kaludi, Magazine3 Technologies are willing and able to make the best accelerated mobile WordPress plugin ever.

Starting with different websites, our need for different responsive SEO friendly themes was significant. The AMP for WP plugin is the only one that have various layout items combined with a site builder. Even today, this piece of software is the only one with a theme builder. It is, therefore, possible to make every layout for AMP. For the advanced theme builder, there is even an amp framework. Build your own AMP theme!

Can AMPforWP used for desktop?

mobile friendly website

But wait a moment. This plugin offers you something extraordinary future. It’s working already great. This WordPress plugin allows you to use the same page in the amp page builder and for your desktop site. It means that you have to build your website just once! It is an option in the general setting of AMPforWP. Its called “AMP take Over”

APP Theme is a prebuilt design using AMP Layouts. This theme is for those who offer creative services to clients. It also provides the setting section for upload logos and icons and several features which are in the standard layout. The post pages, made with the Page Builder, it’s all customizable.

Really, this plugin “AMP for WP” will be the future of all the websites on the internet. WordPress plugin with AMP theme builder for desktop and mobile devices!

Once you have it activated on your WordPress website, of course, you are also wondering if Google well indexes everything. In Google Search Console you can view this by going to your website and then to Mobile Usability. You will then receive an overview with the number of URLs indexed by Google and whether errors have been found.

Thanks to this information, you are able to solve it immediately. You can also always run a test to check if everything is working properly, by the official AMP support test website.

Why mobile friendly websites are important

A quote from Google.

Google Speed Update: Google Algorithm Designed To Downgrade Slow Mobile Pages. Google announced a new ranking algorithm designed specifically to downgrade the search rankings of really slow mobile pages. Starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

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